10 Tips to accelerate fat loss

1: Add cayenne pepper to your food.

Believe it or not adding cayenne pepper to your food can help you to lose weight (body fat). It contains substances that drastically increase blood flow, thermogenesis (heat production) and oxygen consumption. It also tastes great and makes that chicken or turkey taste a little less bland. Add this to your food for a simple but effective way to ramp up fat loss.

2: Control your carbs.

Refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour are unfortunately far too common in the modern diet. These ‘fast’ carbs elevate blood sugar rapidly forcing the body to release the storage hormone insulin. Where does the body store these calories? Fat tissue! Cut sugar and white flour out if you’re trying to lose body fat.

3: Use fasted cardio.

Doing cardio either in the morning on an empty stomach or after your last meal before bed can rapidly increase fat loss. I often give this to my online personal training clients as a means of breaking a plateau. Cardio performed on an empty stomach forces the body to use fat for energy as muscle glycogen stores are low. This encourages the body to metabolise fat for fuel.

4: Take cold showers.

Recent research shows that taking cold showers can increase your metabolic rate. What you need to remember is as that your body will resist change. When you start any diet your metabolism will slow down. This means you need to trick the metabolism to stay high when you are dieting to speed up fat loss. Although not the most pleasant way to do this, a 10 minute cold shower makes the body work harder to stay warm and therefore uses up more calories. This method is very effective if you have the guts to try it.

5: Lactate training.

The burning sensation when you weight train is the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle tissue. The body releases lactic acid as a by-product of muscular contractions. These high lactate levels stimulate the release of growth hormone which in turn leads to fat loss. Keep your reps high and be conservative with your weight selection if fat loss is your goal.

6: Watch your fats.

The health benefits of omega 3 fats have been well documented. In fact all fats have a role in the diet in moderation except trans fats. When trying to build a physique what you need to keep in mind is your daily calorie intake. Fats are higher in calories than carbohydrates or protein. Therefore, eat fats just do not over consume them to stay lean and keep improving.

7: Eat small meals.

Overeating will cause you to gain fat via a number of mechanisms. Firstly you eat too many calories for your body to use so they are stored in body-fat tissue. Secondly, these large meals cause a rapid spike in blood sugar which triggers the release of large amounts of the storage hormone insulin. Insulin can remain raised for long periods of time after this, meaning that you will keep storing fat not burning fat.

8: Eat frequently.

Eating frequently keeps the metabolism ticking over. You should aim to eat every 2-3 hours. Many trainees make the mistake of skipping meals to lose extra body fat. This strategy will not work and just cause your body to move into storage mode and stop the metabolism of fat. Keeping the metabolism high is key to the dieting phase and frequent feedings are a great way to do this.

9: Make weight training your priority for exercise.

Many trainees who aim to lose weight (body fat) mistakenly see cardio as their primary source of exercise. Weight training actually does a lot more for fat loss than cardio. The fact is 1 lb of muscle equates to 50 calories burned daily. Therefore, the more muscle you have the easier it is to stay lean. Your metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 5 hours after weight training compared to 1 hour after cardio. Both my regular and online personal training clients are consistently amazed at just how effective proper fat-loss orientated weight training can be.

10: Drink green tea

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that boost mood, increase the metabolism and help prevent a number of diseases. New evidence is emerging that green tea can even help dieters. Research has shown that using a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burns more calories than the use of caffeine alone or a placebo. Drink three cups of green tea daily to elevate your mood and keep your fat loss going.

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