Why a personal trainer not a fitness instructor?

What is the difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer? Usually, it is the level of knowledge and experience that separates a personal trainer from a fitness instructor. Most elite level personal trainers start out as fitness instructors and work their way up in the industry. The number of people participating in fitness training in London has seen is increasing. Therefore, there is a need for both fitness instructors and personal trainers. A fitness instructor will introduce a complete beginner to the gym and possibly write them a short routine. Whereas, a personal trainer is there to plan and execute the best fitness training London has to offer.

The education process in the fitness industry is ongoing. Simply having the title, sometimes self-proclaimed title, of personal trainer is not enough. Any good fitness instructor London has produced will tell you that it is no easy task to become a really high level personal trainer. Passing the exams that take you officially from a fitness instructor to a personal trainer is just the beginning. A personal trainer needs to know multiple facets of human physiology, periodisation of training, correct exercise technique and nutritional strategies. On top of all this a personal trainer needs to know what motivates their client and mostly importantly when and how to change things if the current plan is not working.

Unfortunately, the popular type of fitness training London has seen recently has revolved around a new breed of equipment or gadgets designed at making workouts easier. Any fitness instructor starting out in the industry will tell you that workouts need to be challenging to have an effect on your body composition. There is no easy way to get into great shape and fitness training should not focus on the easy option. Here at Definitive Physique we never go for the easy option. However, we do know the quickest and most efficient strategies to change body composition and we use them regularly. Our advice to anyone starting out as a fitness instructor in London is to repeat the mantra “read then apply” as combining knowledge with practical experience is the key to becoming a top personal trainer.

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