Another Definitive Physique Personal Training Success Story

As a personal trainer I am not so fussed with your athletic ability, as anybody no matter what skill level or sporting experience can drastically improve their body in a short space of time. What is more of my concern is a potential client’s attitude. Bad form can be corrected but a negative attitude towards training is very difficult to deal with as a personal trainer. A negative attitude towards training will spread like wild fire to other trainees and create a bad atmosphere in the gym. As my Uncle and mentor always told me “life’s hard then you die!” This is not because he is pessimistic or that he doesn’t enjoy his life, far from it. This was just his way of telling me never feel sorry for yourself because hard work pays off in the end. Feeling sorry for yourself is bad in all aspects of life but especially so in the gym. Training is hard for everyone there is no getting away from that. That’s the point of training, you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and you improve because of this. When a new client embarks upon a transformation package with us it is their attitude that Michael Porter and I first examine. This is why we both knew from the get go that Shehab Miah was going to achieve a great result with Definitive Physique. When Shehab embarked upon his 2 month training package he had recently been married and his training had come to a standstill. He’d already lost a hell of a lot of weight as you can see from the picture below.

shehabfat1 300x202 Another Definitive Physique Personal Training Success Story
That’s Shehab on the left.

He displayed a positive and focused attitude throughout our time training together. He was early for every training session even though he lives over an hour away from our location. A lot of the time he was so eager to get to the next set that I would often have to slow him down so we could stick to the set rest periods in the training programme. Shehab had had personal training before, but he experienced a different type of approach with Definitive Physique. Here is what he had to say about the experience:

“I have just finished 2 months of training with Mike Hoad at Definitive Physique. I have dropped around 9% body fat, whilst putting on a good amount of lean muscle. This was achieved by following the diet 85% of the time. Had I been 100% strict I would have had even better results.

From the initial consultation with both Mike’s I felt there was no pressure to sign up or any promises of a miraculous transformation.

With Mike Hoad’s expert training and nutritional advice I have seen my body transform week by week and my strength and conditioning improve greatly. Granted the workouts are tough…in fact brutal on some days, but I have honestly transformed my body more in 2 months than what I have achieved by myself/other PT’s in the past 3 years!

Mike Hoad is an extremely professional PT and never late for sessions. He is a very friendly and approachable guy who is able to coax the best out of you when training. Even though I did not train with Mike Porter, I found him to be very friendly and encouraging too and always offering helpful bits of advice and encouragement when we bumped into each other in the gym.

These guys know their stuff and how to implement it. If you want to see results then look no further. I will definitely be back. Shehab, Essex”

shehab back 300x200 Another Definitive Physique Personal Training Success Story
shehab back 300x200 Another Definitive Physique Personal Training Success Story

By the end of the 2 months of personal training Shehab made the following improvements:

  • 9% decrease in body fat
  • 5kg increase in muscle
  • Pressing 25kg dumbbells for 10 reps
  • Dead lifting 105kg for 8 reps
  • Chin ups for 8 reps with strict form

(Bear in mind that these exercises were performed in a fatloss sequence and his starting weights were 17kg Presses, a 70kg Deadlift and a 4 rep Chin)

Shehab’s work ethic and attitude throughout were inspirational. The whole team at Definitive Physique have a lot of admiration for him and what he achieved with us. The most phenomenal fact about what he did was that he did all of this whilst holding down a high level professional job and a marriage. Congratulations Shehab you earned this!

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