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female fat loss

Female Fat Loss

Definitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry.

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fat loss

Fat Loss

We use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined.

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Total body transformation

Total Body Transformation

Starting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet.

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Hard Gainer Package

Hard Gainer Package

The hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.

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About Us


Definitive Physique was formed by Michael Porter and Michael Hoad. The two Mikes have a combined training experience of 30 years and first met one another on a Charles Poliquin training seminar in Milos Sarcev’s gym in Orange County California. Upon meeting each other they found that they shared the same beliefs about training and nutrition. Eager to seek more training knowledge they travelled to various training seminars around the world.

After working at numerous London gyms they eventually came to work in the City of London. Their experience made them both realise that the fitness industry in London has a real lack of quality results driven personal training facilities. This led them to form Definitive Physique.


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Our Objective

Our objective is to use our vast knowledge and experience of training and nutrition to help our clients achieve all their dreams in the gym. Any training method you heard of we have tried it. Anydietary strategy you have heard of we have tried it! Any nutritional supplement you have heard of we have tried it! We used ourselves as guinea pigs, and continue to do so, so we can deliver the best personal training in the industry and get the best results for our clientele. We have walked the walk and continue to walk the walk because this is our passion and training is what we live for.

Why do most people train in the gym? In our experience the majority of people exercise to look good naked! Add to that to gain of sense of well being and health benefits and you cover most of the demographic. Whether you want to lose body fat, be stronger, gain muscle or just simply feel fitter we can help you. Here at Definitive Physique we specialise in helping people achieve their physical ideal. You only have to look at our results to see this. We use cutting edge training and nutrition programmes to transform our clients’ bodies. We dedicate all of our effort into getting our personal training clients results. We take great pride and satisfaction from helping people with our knowledge and expertise. For us however it is not just about the outcome of you new body. What we also feel is important is the mastery experience of transforming your physique itself. We believe it is not simply about the destination but also about how you get there. It is not only about the training here, we will help you make lasting lifestyle changes that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. We use long and short term goal setting based on our clients’ needs to help them achieve their objectives.

The Process

Each potential client is first invited to a free consultation where they will meet both directors of Definitive Physique and be taken through what is expected from them and what to expect from Definitive Physique. A client assessment protocol will be applied along with the relevant body composition testing. We use medical grade callipers to test body fat levels and biosignature software to assess hormonal profile. From this consultation Definitive Physique can then customise a nutritional and training programme specific to your needs. You will then train with one of our top professionals. Our experienced trainers will push you to limits in your training that you wouldn’t have thought possible. We will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the motivation that you’ve never had. Here at Definitive Physique you will have access to decades of knowledge and we will show how training and nutrition can not only be rewarding but fun too!

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