Periodization is the solution

The manner in which one approaches a training regime provides a good indication of the results likely to be achieved. More often than not, failure to plan properly will doom a plan to disaster. That is why the concept of periodization is something every serious fitness enthusiast needs to acknowledge and use. Understanding the purpose …

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Extended Sets: Methods to keep going to gain muscle

One thing we respect here at Definitive Physique is heart. Fortitude, resilience, guts whatever you want to call it this trait is that sets our personal trainers and our personal training clients against the rest. The ability to keep going in a working set is what pushes the body to make adaptations. This essentially is …

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Female Fat Loss 101

Having trained numerous women throughout my career I am all too familiar with the misconception of weight training giving women a masculine appearance. It is unfortunate but true, that popular belief tells women that by lifting weights you will create a muscular and unattractive physique. In recent years many fitness professionals have worked hard to …

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Personal Training Transformations

Here at Definitive Physique the most frequently asked questions usually stem from topics related to our personal training transformation projects. The majority of questions normally include the words. How long and what did it entail? Like anything worth having in life it took a combination of hard work, discipline and attention to detail. Unfortunately these …

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10 Tips to accelerate fat loss

1: Add cayenne pepper to your food. Believe it or not adding cayenne pepper to your food can help you to lose weight (body fat). It contains substances that drastically increase blood flow, thermogenesis (heat production) and oxygen consumption. It also tastes great and makes that chicken or turkey taste a little less bland. Add …

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How to progress your training

Progressing your workouts is vital to making consistent gains and avoiding a plateau. Far too many trainees initially make good improvements with their training but fail to keep the improvements going because they become happy with their routine and do not vary it. Once you’re comfortable doing a routine it’s time to change it. We …

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How to deal with muscle soreness

The feeling of extreme muscle soreness for days after a workout is all too familiar to my personal training clients. My introductory training sessions usually leave trainees walking down stairs gingerly to say the least. Muscle soreness or DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) as it’s now most commonly known, is problematic for all weight trainers. …

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