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female fat loss

Female Fat Loss

Definitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry.

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fat loss

Fat Loss

We use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined.

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Total body transformation

Total Body Transformation

Starting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet.

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Hard Gainer Package

Hard Gainer Package

The hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.

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Michael Hoad

MikeH profile3 300x199 Michael Hoad


At the young age of 14 my obsession for Bruce Lee films and Samurai history led me into the martial arts. I achieved my black belt in kickboxing at 18 and set a club record as the youngest 1st degree black belt in my school. My experiences in martial arts sparked my interest in strength training and the human body.  I began working in the fitness industry at 18 and went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Metropolitan University receiving an undergraduate degree in 2006. Although I was proud of achieving my degree I felt I had so much more to learn so I decided to study a MSc in Applied Sport Science at the English Institute of Sport, St Mary’s College Twickenham. I have always been interested in sports performance supplements so I wrote my MSc thesis on Branched Chain Amino Acids and their use to alleviate exercise induced muscle damage. My research was sponsored by the UK supplement company myprotein.co.uk.The experience was extremely challenging and I realised I wanted to be on the practical application of the research not actually conducting it!


michaelblackbelt 001 300x226 Michael Hoad


My desire to improve as a trainer led me to study and train in Brazil, Los Angeles, New York and Dublin. In these seminars I had the privilege of learning from some of the worlds top coaches. I continue to read and study all aspects of exercise and physiology to improve as a trainer and to improve my service to my clients. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for people who compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman and combat sports. However, the people I hold the most respect for are those that come to Definitive Physique with no sporting background and completely change their bodies and their outlook on life. For it is not about how much you lift that’s important, what is important is that you are not afraid to push  yourself out of your comfort zone and make consistent improvements. As the co-founder of Definitive Physique, I pride myself on producing physical transformations by using structured training and nutrition plans that work. I am a great believer in short and long term goal setting and I encourage my clientele to work backwards from their objective during the physical transformation process.




Great Britain Martial Arts Association 1st degree black belt

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

MSc Applied Sport Science

PICP level 1

PICP level 2

PICP level 3

Biosignature practitioner

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