Female Fat Loss

Definitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry.

Fat Loss

We use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined.

Total Body Transformation

Starting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet.

Hard Gainer Package

The hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.


Whether you live too far away from our gym locations or you just prefer training alone, online personal training allows you to correspond with one of our highly qualified professionals. Knowing what to do in the gym is difficult. There is a vast amount of contradictory knowledge on the internet that makes following a structured routine both difficult and confusing. Based on your goals we will develop the right training, nutrition and supplementation programme for you. This is usually updated on a monthly basis depending on the package you decide upon. Questions about the programme we give you are encouraged. From the initial plan you will have direct email contact with one of Definitive Physiques personal trainers. This is where the service we deliver in our online personal training differs from the rest of the industry. You will actually be dealing with a personal trainer not an automated system.

What you will get from our online Personal Training Package?

  • A per iodised training programme.
  • Individualised nutrition programme.
  • A recommended supplementation protocol.
  • Email contact with a Definitive Physique highly trained professional.

“I utilised the online personal training services of Definitive Physique, specifically because I could not find anyone with their experience in my area. Their knowledge of training and nutrition was excellent and I started to train differently than I had in the past, I also changed my diet. I would have no hesitation in recommending Definitive Physique to anyone who needs a professional personal trainer who is conscientious, knowledgeable, and professional. Prepare for a hard work out though!”

Tom Perke, Managing Director Construction Firm

“I started my path of personal improvement, and weight loss, in May 2011. As I’m in Australia, working directly with Michael wasn’t an option – so I worked with him in an online personal trainer programme. It took me 15 years to get in a bad way physically – and lose fitness and health. Now I’m reversing that situation. I didn’t expect miracles overnight however in the first eight weeks, Michael’s advice and strength training programme helped me lose nearly 10 kg. 6 months later, and I’m 19kg less than when I started, and continuing on from Michael’s kickstart to the new me.”

Ted Bothroyd, IT Consultant