Female Fat Loss

Definitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry.

Fat Loss

We use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined.

Total Body Transformation

Starting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet.

Hard Gainer Package

The hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.


After training with Mike I learnt so much. One of the main things was that Nutritional awareness and diet management are the most important elements of a training bregime. Whilst results are significantly driven by these logical factors, a focused exercise routine that is short, sharp and intense provides the physical supplement to ensure a healthy, active lifestyle. The optimal programme should last up to 45 minutes and contain regular variations for an enjoyable experience, albeit a challenging one. I acquired useful knowledge regarding healthy meal plans, smart food choices and strategic eating. With fat loss being the primary objective, the carefully devised yet practicable meal plan in conjunction with tailored exercise routines accelerated body fat reduction from 15% to 10%, whilst simultaneously benefitting from increased strength and muscle mass. With fantastic training programmes and specifically customised to individual needs, amazing results are certainly attainable within the respective period. For quick, safe and definitive results, work with Mike.


Investment Banking | 26 | 14% to 7% bodyfat

I was 31 when I first met Mike, originally Iʼm from Norwich but I was living in London. Iʼm very experience in training in the gym but I needed someone to help me take it to another level and thatʼs why I sought out Mikeʼs expertise. After 12 weeks of training I went form 13% bodyfat to 8% and completely changed the way I looked. The results were amazing. Mike provides an easy follow workout plan, which changed every few weeks. Workouts are challenging but always new. It never gets stale. He also gave me healthy recipes that are simple to follow. I was really amazed at how well Mikeʼs training systems worked. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get in the best shape of their life.


Publisher | 31 | 13% to 8% bodyfat

Iʼm 42 Years old and originally from Russia. I hired Mike to work via correspondence because I lived to far away to train with him face to face. I found the programme very structured, clear to understand and use. The videos explained all of the weight training exercises I would be using. The programme groups the relevant exercises together in structured routines. These are clearly explained, and take the thinking out of creating your own training plan. There is a tremendous amount of relevant information provided regarding the diet and nutritional information. The programme actually delivers the results that I was looking for. I have trained for many years but I could not get as slim and toned as I wanted. I was in fairly good shape, but even training 3 times a week I could not achieve the results I was looking for. With the use
of weight training and the recommended practical approach to my diet the lean muscle system provided the transformation I was looking for. I continue to uses the exercises and diet plan in my weekly training sessions. I see the results I want, and I am able to maintain my figure. The lean muscle system makes my time and training more efficient and delivers the goals I have been aiming for.


Full time mum | 43 | Dropped 3 dress sizes

“I have just finished 2 months of training with Mike Hoad. I have dropped around 9% body fat, whilst putting on a good amount of lean muscle. This was achieved by following the diet 85% of the time. Had I been 100% strict I would have had even better results. From the initial consultation with Mike I felt there was no pressure to sign up or any promises of a miraculous transformation. With Mike Hoad's expert training and nutritional advice I have seen my body transform week by week and my strength and conditioning improve greatly. Granted the workouts are tough...in fact brutal on some days, but I have honestly transformed my body more in 2 months than what I have achieved by myself/other PT's in the past 3 years! Mike Hoad is an extremely professional PT and never late for sessions. He is a very friendly and approachable guy who is able to coax the best out of you when training. I found him to be very friendly and encouraging too and always offering helpful bits of advice and encouragement when we bumped into each other in the gym. This guy know his stuff and how to implement it. If you want to see results then look no further. I will definitely be back. "


IT | 30 | 21% to 11% bodyfat

“I have been a regular gym goer for the past 3 years and through reading and self endeavour, I had reached a good level of fitness, with low body fat but not much appreciable muscle gain. I also had body parts which lagged in development compared to the rest of my body like my legs that I wanted to address. Michael diligently went about constructing a fitness regime for me and also supplied me with a clear and easy to follow diet plan for mass gain. He also applied Biosignature method to assess my current level of body fat and lean mass. I have to say I have never felt such muscle soreness the next day following our first session! Throughout working with Michael he paid attention to my weight and every detail was logged including weekly progress photos and continual use of the Biosignature method. I approached Michael eight weeks ago with a clear target to improve my physique and he delivered. I am delighted with my results and I would highly recommend such a skilled and competent PT to anyone wishing to get in shape.”


Haematologist | 30 | 13% to 8% bodyfat

“When I first met Mike I was 86kg and had a body fat of over 23%. After years trying without any success in trying to gain more lean muscle and lose the body fat, I was frustrated with my gains. Reading and researching led to a lot of confusion of what needs doing and getting advice from my local gym didn't help. After training with Mike, his advice on nutrition and supplementation made it all clearer. Along with his hard, gut wrenching workouts I'd got down to 71kg and 11.1%bf. I've found his dedication and professionalism, as well as his wealth of experience was not only inspiring but made me focus and more determined. Without his help I couldn't have achieved what I have. Don't get me wrong it's hard work, but it's worth it. I'm more productive at work and my general well being has improved. I'd recommend training with Mike Hoad, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve with his help.”


Professional Landlord | 36 | 23% to 11% bodyfat

"Two years ago I made a decision to get serious about training and try to change the composition of my physique. My body weight came down from 93 kg's to 80 kg (at its lowest) and although on appearance I looked marginally better; the truth was that my body fat % had not changed significantly and the bulk of my losses had been at the expense of lean muscle mass. I had never previously believed in Personal Trainers as I had seen some of them in action at my local gyms; the people that took the services of these trainers often did not improve significantly. Then I came across Mike Hoad. It was apparent that Mike was able to produce results for his clients in a relatively short space of time. He was able to transform a friend of mine in 8 weeks. I would not have been believed the results from the before and after pictures had I not personally known him. I decided to set up a consultation and from the outset Mike Hoad was extremely professional in his manner and really tried to understand what it was that I wanted to achieve.

I undertook a 6 week programme to shed get my body fat down to sub 10% and the programme was carefully constructed by Mike and then continuously monitored to ensure everything was on track. The training sessions were definitely some of the most physically and mentally challenging activities I had partaken in. One particular legs session took me as close to hell as you can get on Earth but it's a great feeling afterwards to know that you've got through it. Mike Hoad was fantastic in motivating me and carrying me through some of the sessions; there is no way I could have learned to push my body on my own or with any other personal trainer. The result of the programme was my body fat falling from 14% to 8%. I lost fat from those stubborn pockets that I had long given up hope of losing and fat that had been sitting there for over 10 years from in-disciplined eating. The conditioning from the workouts results in my heart rate dropping to an amazing 56 bpm which was particularly impressive because besides my 3 hours a week training with Mike Hoad I was doing no other form of exercise. Most importantly the 6 weeks with Definitive Physique taught me the philosophies to train towards goals in the gym that will be carry me for a number of years. My initial thoughts on the price being too high were entirely wiped out and in hindsight I would have paid even more for what I achieved and learnt. I would highly recommend Definitive Physique to anyone that is serious about achieving goals."


Investment banker | 28 | 14% to 8% bodyfat

“Under the guidance of Mike Hoadʼs training and diet plan I went from 13.5% body fat to 8% in just 8 weeks with 2kg lean mass gained. I would strongly recommend him to anybody serious about getting into shape whatever their goals maybe. Mike was professional and training was geared towards my targets, I was provided an insight into the science behind all my diet and I managed to break my personal best in all major compound exercises such as deadlifts. I am extremely pleased with my results which I achieved following the diet. So if you want a healthier, fitter, stronger and defined you, then Mike Hoad is the best in the business to help you achieve your goals”


Trader | 28 | 14% to 8% bodyfat

“I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable in training and nutrition for bodybuilding but I have never been able to get from being fairly lean to revealing my abs. I met Mike and was impressed by his vast knowledge and training methods, instantly knowing I was in good hands. Over the course of about 2 months training with Mike and following his diet plans and workouts, I dropped my body fat percentage to 7%. I would have been delighted with that alone but I also packed on muscle at the same time. A lot of people will tell you it is impossible. These people obviously donʼt train with Mike! Mike helped me achieve the level of leanness I have been chasing for years and I would thank him for that and highly recommend Mike Hoad for anyone looking to get leaner, bigger and stronger.”


Solicitor | 30 | 11% to 7% bodyfat

“When I first met Mike I considered myself pretty fit and knowledgeable about exercise. When we started training I soon realised that everything Iʼd been doing was pretty much wrong! I got better results in the first 3 weeks with Mike than Iʼd gotten in the past 3 years training by myself. When I started the nutrition plan Mike set out for me I noticed my energy at work improved and I felt amazing. I stopped getting the frequent colds that I usually got and I woke up feeling invigorated everyday. The training was hard but Mike helped me every step of the way. I canʼt recommend working with Mike enough. He completed changed the way I though about exercise and health and Iʼve maintained a lean physique even after the training has finished. If youʼre thinking of working with Mike all I can say is just do it! You wont regret it.”


Management consultant | 29 | 13% to 6% bodyfat


My own transformation from 15% to 5% bodyfat