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female fat loss

Female Fat Loss

Definitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry.

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fat loss

Fat Loss

We use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined.

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Total body transformation

Total Body Transformation

Starting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet.

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Hard Gainer Package

Hard Gainer Package

The hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.

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Total Body Transformation


Transformations are the soul emphasis of our business, however many of our clients do not have the time commitments to complete what we would call a total body transformation. TBT allows us to go through a 3-phase approach. This approach will generally start with an intensive fat loss phase, which will lead into a muscle gain/development phase and then finish with a modified competition diet in order to achieve that poster model finish.
TBT is ideally suited to individuals with a large amount of body fat to loose and an equally large amount of time in which to do it. We can offer a package such as our standard fat loss programme that will enable you to loose large amounts of fat in the shortest time line possible, however realistic time lines for a TBT programme range from anywhere from 12 – 21 weeks. An example of such a package would be an obese individual wishing to transform into lean healthy beach physique. It is not limited to any one body composition but has been designed specifically for people with big transformation plans.


me3 300x200 Total Body Transformation



We are not miracle workers here at definitive physique and will make no bones about giving you honest and realistic advice. We do believe that even the most genetically ungifted individuals can make dramatic results using our systems. Yet, time will always be the limiting factor and dependent upon the person’s current starting point.


What you will get from our Total Body Transformation Package


  • Long term periodised diet planning
  • Long term periodised training programme
  • Dietary reassessment
  • Training reassessment
  • A Total body transformation
“Mike Porter has to be one of the best personal trainers I’ve ever trained with. I have trained with him for the past few years and Mike has helped me achieve results that I never thought possible. He also made me realise what is possible for my physique and is  always encouraging me to push for more. Training is not easy nor would I want it to be, but with Mike’s experience and extensive knowledge he continually challenges me.  Mike has not only helped with my fitness, health and physique, but also with my confidence and well-being, which friends and family continue to compliment. My training sessions with Mike always feel like training with a good mate, who wants the best for you and is invested in your training goals. “
Brendan, IT
before111 300x229 Total Body Transformation

Brendan prior to a 21wk Bulk and Cut transformation pkg


after11 300x229 Total Body Transformation

Brendan on completion of 21wk Bulk and Cut pkg

“I commenced training with Mike Porter because I was fed up with continually ‘starting up at the gym’, ‘changing my routines’, and not getting results. Mike took the guess work out of my routine, which, in the space of 12 weeks delivered me to the best physical form of my life. Two years later I am still training with Mike, his training style and the results I have continued to achieve are nothing short of addictive. I highly recommend Mike because he lives and breathes what he teaches, he has inspired me to achieve great results, and I thoroughly enjoy his training experience. Thanks for all you have taught me! “

David Savage, Accountant


“The trainers at Definitive Physique were a pleasure to work with. I trained for seven months. During that time I lost [3.5 stone/22kgs/50lbs] of body fat following diet and exercise plans that they put together for me. My trainer was very knowledgable and worked closely with me to help me realise my goals of fat loss and muscle building.”

Neill Stevens, Contract Lawyer


“When I first met Mike I was 86kg and had a body fat of over 23%. After years trying without any success in trying to gain more lean muscle and lose the body fat, I was frustrated with my gains. Reading and researching led to a lot of confusion of what needs doing and getting advice from my local gym didn’t help. After training with Mike, his advice on nutrition and supplementation made it all clearer. Along with his hard, gut wrenching workouts I’d got down to 71kg and 11.1%bf. I’ve found his dedication and professionalism, as well as his wealth of experience was not only inspiring but made me focus and more determined. Without his help I couldn’t have achieved what I have. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. I’m more productive at work and my general well being has improved. I’d recommend training with Mike Hoad, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with his help.”

Manish Patel, Estate Agency Business Owner


Hetan no face front 300x199 Total Body Transformation


scott frt 1024x682 Total Body Transformation



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